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Time Light Relativity,
A supporting project.
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A supporting project.
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Theory of,
A supporting project.

Time Light Relativity

Occasionally people are asked to write on the topics of GoA.

Time LightRuler Model Documents (Public by request)
QuanTunnel Documentation updates these presentations.

If a volunteer would like to offer some assistance on this project it is appreciated. Editorial or scientific assistance is requested.

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First version of Theory of Time Light Relativity (ToTLR) Text Book! v.001
QuanTunnel Framework Edition!
Pages printed front and back (double sided, two pages /1), does not have photos are formatting yet.

These documents are currently being amended and are supplemental contributions to the QuanTunnel Draft v.001 2016 including 77+ pages of schematics, and several thousand pages of notes. The documents on this page are available by request for evaluation or argument.

Model of Time Light Relativity: Observations from a Ruler
Equal increment 0|P|0 container for ruler depicted at top of page.
TXT: Model of Time Light Relativity including use examples v1.3 2015
PDF: Model of Time Light Relativity including use examples v1.3 2015
HTML TRANSLATE: Model of Time Light Relativity including use examples v1.3 2015

Materials for v1.3 2015
Description: One point surface and three marker distances
with a velocity traversal triangle; 2D/3D v1.3 TLC, Same Ruler Equation Use.
Download Ruler Model v1.3
Download TLC Model Guide from Arc Science collection
Download Pendulum from Arc Science collection
Download Angle from Arc Science collection

TLC Model and Planetary Orbits
TXT: Planetary Clocks and use examples v1.3 2015
TXT: TL Threads and Strings Use examples v1.3 2015
TXT: Universal Time Use examples v1.3 2015

QuanTunnel, PMTM and RuL
TXT: QuanTunnel Framework v.013 2015
TXT: QuanTunnel Framework v.014 2016 Coming Soon!

Model of Two to Six Dimensional Time
QuanTunnel, RuL, and Time Light Relative Modeling.
TXT: Two to Six Dimensional Time including use examples v1.3 2015
HTML TRANSLATE: Two to Six Dimensional Time including use examples v1.3 2015

Model Correlated 0|P|0 Energy Observations
TXT: TLC Energy Model with 0|P|0 including use examples v1.3 2015
HTML TRANSLATE: TLC Energy Model with 0|P|0 including use examples v1.3 2015

Key(s) of an Arc
Download Model use v1.3 5132015
Download Model use v1.3 6142015
Request a copy of a "Key"

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Commentary and Corrections
Collection, Early Theory of Relativity: Revised
Answering Social Organic: Notes

Concepts of General and Time Light Relativity
Note: These are included here to suggest some reasoning right or wrong. I have discovered that once this is understood, time light relativity, I am able to validate further some of this science, and not entirely of each other perspective, from the same v1.3 ruler perspectives.

Time Light Relativity
General Relativity

P|1|1|1|1; Back -|1

The Temple of Time and the Temple of Light (ToT ToL) is learned from here; this presentation is used to demonstrate a continuous truth and dependability of the Time Light Continuum and the Angle for Arch. These continue to be amended and corrected. The offer to view these documents is available for public observation during the Annual Festival(s) of Animated Spirits.

Disclaimer: New Policy: These documents are available by request. This web property has had a few people draw on the information before this new "guideline," I am asked to adhere to. I hope that this inspires. This collection is used to prove a truth and reliability of the Time Light Continuum, and Angle; How god and universe might know a truth; and among other things for scientific understanding. For those who have already read on this topic, thank you. This material is shared from my laboratory to talk about it among productive people who request. This collection is consistently updated to reflect new things which could benefit other enthusiast, should any find it useful. I will assemble here a collection of information that fits an early exploration for continuum modeling and use the ruler to understand some of the other scientific propositions. I have not met many people who can carry a conversation about these things, and it is fun to work with and talk about. If you have any questions about any of the topics presented, send them to or check back often for updated information.

FTP for Volunteers and interested persons to exchange files and notes, build other file communities by request, etc. Community Awareness. A capable person can edit, add, or contribute to this directory. If complaint about notes is found, volunteer to assist with a correction. It is not about quality of presentation for me at the moment. Thanks

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Editing any laboratory material for correctness does
not void cumulative shared copyrights. If you would
like to contribute, the copyright on these documents
permit modification to content and should retain the
names of those contributors.

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